How To Replace Door Weather Stripping: Easy DIY

Have you ever needed you replace your Door Weather Stripping? Thought it was too hard and you’ve been ignoring it for far too long now? Sometimes it needs to be replaced just to age or maybe an animal helped in destroying it.

Don’t stress, this is your sign to fix it finally! I am going to show you how easy and quickly you can replace it. 

Let’s not forget to mention how inexpensive it is to replace!

So, long story short…our cat decided to lose her mind when she was out on our screened patio one day. She completely destroyed this door frame and weather stripping. 

I feel like this is one of those small house projects that need to be done from time to time even if you don’t have a cat helping destroy it. The plastic overtime due to weather just gets brittle.

This is one of those projects that seems harder than it actually is. I am here to reassure you that it is not and will take you less time to replace than reading this blog, trust me.Good news, we know how to replace door weather stripping and we are here to help you too! It is an easy and very inexpensive fix.

So, let’s just fix it already!

Where to Find Door Weather Stripping?

Most local hardware stores should carry Exterior Door Weather Stripping. It is all pretty standard in size, length and the color will be your hardest decision. 

I went with white this time to replace our old brown since our trim is white. The brown and white will be the easiest colors to find. Black can be found but isn’t as easy to find in-store is what I found out. 

You can find all the colors Black, White and Brown Exterior Door Weather Stripping on Amazon that will ship right to your door. They also come in many different lengths depending on how much you need to replace.

We found our White Exterior Door Weather Stripping at our local store Lowe’s in the door/window area. I put pictures of the exact one we bought at Lowe’s below.

How to Remove The Old Strips and Replace with New Door Weather Stripping

Ok, you are going to laugh when I tell you how easy and fast it is to do it. 

Grab your new weatherstripping, you will need three of the 81″ pieces to do one standard exterior door. We have 36” wide doors and three strips was plenty for us to do one entire door. 

PRO TIP: If you get 5 strips of 81″ weather stripping you can do your front and back door.

Step 1: You are going to grab one end of the old weatherstripping at the top of the door or bottom of the door. Pull slowly and steady until the old weather stripping starts to pull out and do this until all door strips are pulled all out. 

Step 2: Start at the top strip of the door and pick one corner to start. Push your new door weatherstripping into the corner in the crack and just keep working your way across until you get to the other corner. Cut with scissors to the exact size you need it. 

Step 3: Move onto the sides starting at the top corner and working your way down. Once you get to those bottom edges cut the weather strip to the proper length. Push into the gap like you did the top piece.

Step 4: Go ahead and give your door a close and make sure you have a tight seal don’t see any daylight creeping in our air drafts around the edges. If you don’t see any daylight or feel any air leaks you’ve done it correctly and your door is good to go!

Repeat these steps above to replace other weather strips on all exterior doors in your home!

Reasons why you may need to replace door weather stripping?

Stumped on how to know if you need to replace yours yet or not? I put together a list of reasons below to help you answer questions about your current seals!

  1. Your cat destroys your existing weather stripping, haha.
  2. Yours is currently Old and cracking.
  3. You may not have any weather stripping because over the years it has just fallen apart.
  4. When you can see any daylight coming in around the door edges.

These reasons can all be an issue. The weather stripping is designed to keep heat and air from escaping your home. Having a good seal around your doors also keeps bugs out of your home. If you notice any of these issues I listed above. This is a good time to replace your old weather stripping!

Let’s stop that weather and bugs from damaging your home! I can’t wait to see you tackle this Easy How to Replace Door Weather Stripping Project!

If or when you get one of these, I’d love for you to tag us on Instagram so we can hear about your DIY experience!


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  1. Brent A Beumel says:

    I’ve been needing to switch mine out for some time. Glad to know it’s an easy swap.

  2. Kristen R says:

    Need to switch out my front door weather stripping and hope that it helps close the gap we have.

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