How To Paint Baseboards with Carpet Installed

I was dreading having to paint baseboards with carpet already installed as we went to tackle the nursery makeover. A huge part of me just wanted to rip all the carpet out and redo the flooring in there entirely. But, it will only be 9 weeks until the baby makes its debut. I wanted to save the project of redoing the floors until after the baby is born and I am physically up for a floor install.

I was terrified we would get black paint all over the nice beige carpet. We laid down a visqueen layer first and taped it all around the edges. Then we laid down a brown construction paper layer on top of that for more added protection. The tape unfortunately around the edges didn’t stick good enough to make me feel comfortable the paint wouldn’t seep onto the carpet from the baseboards. 

It was back to the drawing board and home improvement store. We came across these things called “paint shields.” We really had nothing to lose at this point and went ahead and grabbed two of them. The ones we found are each about two feet long. That gave us four feet of working space at a time. Honestly, more of these would have made the process faster but two got the job done. These really made it so easy to paint baseboards with carpet installed already.

We started by wedging them in between the baseboard and carpet. Making sure they slightly overlapped so no paint dripped in between them. We used light coats of paint for each coat. Once a four foot section was painted, we slowly pulled them out at an angle while the paint was still wet. We had a roll of paper towels to help us wipe each paint shield of wet paint after each section. This is tedious and a bit wasteful of paper towels but worked for us. We worked our way around the room and then started again for the second coat once the first coat was dry. 

These paint shields were such a life saver with keeping the carpet around the edges free of paint. This carpet won’t stay forever but in the meantime it will stay looking nice. I would love to hear your feedback if you have ever used this technique before or how it works for you below in the comments!

You can find the links to the paint shields we used and so many other useful painting supplies we love in the link below! This list has all the painting supplies that have made our painting projects less messy and easier to clean up.

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