Building A Cozy Home: Our Journey from DIY Project Enthusiasts to Full-Time Inspirers

DIY Project Enthusiasts!

Welcome to Build A Cozy Home, where DIY project dreams become reality! Join us on our journey as we share our passion for transforming houses into cozy havens. From humble beginnings to full-time DIY enthusiasts, we’re excited to share our story with you.

Our journey began in 2020 when we moved from Florida to South Carolina, seeking a fresh start. With a new home and a desire to make it our own, we launched Build A Cozy Home on Instagram as an outlet for our creativity. Little did we know, it would evolve into a full-time career fueled by our love for DIY projects.

In February 2023, our family expanded as we welcomed our first child, prompting us to reflect on our lifestyle and priorities. We believe that everything happens for a reason, and this new chapter has only strengthened our commitment to sharing our journey with you.

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Where it all began before the DIY Project Life…

Brent and I met in 2012 while studying at the University of Central Florida. With degrees in Exercise Science and a shared love for staying active, we embarked on our journey together. Living in a small condo in Orlando, we discovered our passion for DIY projects as a way to fill our spare time.

Brent’s upbringing exposed him to the world of construction, watching his parents tackle home projects with ease. His hands-on experience laid the foundation for our DIY endeavors, from flipping houses to renovating our own space.

Similarly, my childhood was filled with DIY inspiration, surrounded by family members who were handy around the house. From a young age, I embraced change and creativity, constantly redesigning my room to reflect my evolving tastes.

When we moved in together, I brought my enthusiasm for DIY projects to the forefront, eager to transform our bachelor pad into a cozy retreat. Together, we tackled renovations, from painting walls to gutting bathrooms, one project at a time.

Everything changed in 2020…

In January 2020, a new opportunity arose when Brent was offered a job in Rock Hill, SC. Without hesitation, we packed up our lives and made the move, eager for a fresh start.

 Our new home, though lacking in character, provided the space and resources for even more ambitious projects.

With the world on pause and my photography job on hold, I immersed myself in DIY projects, honing my skills and unleashing my creativity. What started as a hobby soon became a passion, inspiring others to take charge of their own home renovations.


Build A Cozy Home is more than just a blog—it’s a community of like-minded individuals passionate about creating homes they love. We’re here to support you every step of the way, whether you’re embarking on your first DIY project or tackling a major renovation.

Thank you for joining us on this journey. Together, let’s build a cozy home filled with love, laughter, and endless creativity!


We are slightly obsessed fur-parents to our three furbabes Mr. Douglas (Tuxedo Cat), Daisy (Greyhound/GSP Pup) and Daphney (Grey Tabby Cat)! They are all rescues and we love them more than I can begin to tell you!!!

We had our first baby girl Penelope, January 2023. She is the absolute light of our life and we love what we do here because it allows us to watch her grow up everyday!


Every cozy home deserves amazing recipes, and it’s even better when those recipes are both delicious and healthy. Our goal is to provide tasty meals that are easy to make, regardless of your skill level. 

Fast, easy meals leave more time for fun activities, making your home a hub of joy and good food.


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