Workbench Plans with Hidden Flip Miter Saw

Our garage has been slowly evolving into the work space we need it to be. We have been trying to be as smart and cost savvy as possible. We really want a space that functions best for our projects but also our lifestyle long term. First thing we did was figure out the small storage. Next, we knew we wanted a workbench that would store our large cutting tools and wood scraps. We also needed it to be mobile for future large projects that need a lot of floor space. These workbench plans we found were exactly what we needed for our garage!

I had been to every home improvement store and website looking for a workbench. I found some that checked some boxes but definitely not all the boxes. Let’s not forget the ones that were checking some boxes were crazy expensive. My next thought was that I could design and build something to be what we need and be structurally sound. 

I started brainstorming and thinking maybe I could do this and make it happen for real. Then I saw one of my DIY friends had just finished building his own workbench that he designed himself. This bench literally had all the things I was looking for in movability, functionality, and size. It was big enough to hold the cutting tools I wanted. But also it was functional enough to be a large work surface when needed. My only concern was whether I had the skills I needed to make this project a reality. Oh, and I can’t forget that the cost of all the materials to buy for this workbench was under $300. It may sound like a lot but this workbench checked all the boxes, the cost was worth it to us.

Like any other project I have tackled, I had to figure out where to start. I started doing some research and started learning about the different tools and techniques I would need. Now, I won’t lie and say I was 100% confident in the information I was finding and if I could in fact do it. But, a little fear never stopped me from trying what I put my mind to accomplish. My Grams always said, “If there is a will there’s a way”.  Her voice rings true in my ear if I ever have any doubts in myself. So, If I could say one thing about this workbench it’s that, if I can do it anyone can too!

My friend designed and built this workbench from the ground up. Ben over @bens_diy truly knocked this build out of the park. He sells the plans for it in his etsy shop. I will link it below with my discount code. Ben was also amazing with communication throughout my workbench build process. He answered any and all of my questions and never made me feel like I was not doing my best. I can’t say enough good things about his instructions. The list of supplies needed and the overall quality of the plans. This workbench is structurally and functionally everything we wanted.

Before I started this project, I had only made simple straight cuts on my table saw. This build asked for castle joints and half lap joints. I had no idea what those even were when I first read through the plans. This was the moment when I felt I may have gotten in way over my head. But, instead of shutting down the project, I just searched what those two joints were and how people made them. I learned how to make a jig that I needed to make the castle joints on the table saw. The first attempt at this jig was not right at all. I tried again and the second one turned out perfect. The half lap joints were done on my miter saw which didn’t terrify me nearly as much as my table saw. I was not about to cut any corners when it came to this project. Not only did I want it to be right but I also wanted to maintain safety throughout this build. 

Workbench features?

The rough size of this 4’x8’ workbench is so perfect. Plenty of space for me to be able to work on my projects and not have to be on the ground . The heavy duty wheels installed underneath make this massive table very easy to move in and out of the garage. This came in handy for us when cutting wood and keeping the sawdust mess outside of the garage.

The next two features are solely for the two major tools it houses permanently. The table saw is set flush with the table top to make cutting large pieces easier and safer. The miter saw has to be my favorite feature on this workbench. It flips up when in use and back down when not in use. When the miter saw is not in use, I get the entire flat top of my bench for big projects.  This table also had a ton of storage space underneath it for whatever you may need to store. I use it for my scrap wood storage. Even the long pieces of scrap wood fit underneath and out of the way. I don’t have to worry about them falling over on us or tripping over them.

I am so glad that I found Ben’s workbench plans and took the leap and made it. It really has been such an important piece in our workshop and making projects safer and easier. This is the link to Ben’s Workbench Plans if you are interested in checking them out! Ben also gave me a $5 off code for you to use (code: BRYANNA). 

I always love hearing about what you think about the projects we are tackling. If you end up doing them yourself please leave a comment below so we can celebrate with you!  Visit our instagram, to see videos of the workbench plans build process saved in my highlights.

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