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First let me start with saying we are the people that lean more towards the minimalism side when it comes to purchases. Well let’s be real…Brent is the true minimalist/saver in this relationship. I used to be a really bad hoarder and spend way too much money on useless things when we first met. Over the years I have definitely absorbed his minimalist/spend-less mindset on life and realized that I don’t need all kinds of tangible things to make me happy. Naturally, being more minimalist makes us not be huge fans of most subscription services. Until we found the Best Home Air Filter Subscription Service with Filters Direct USA.

This Company is Family owned and operated and their filters are 100% made in the USA. We always love to either source locally from small businesses when we can. But, when we can’t, our next thing is finding companies that sell American Made Products.  They are also a Carolina neighbor based out of Raleigh, NC.

In the last 5 years, our focus and time needs have shifted a lot in our day to day lives. Pivoting from college, to work, to our home, to life with furbabes and now having a newborn in the home. We started to really understand how valuable our time and money is. We have started to sign up for a couple of subscriptions for our home supplies. Keep in mind not all subscriptions will save you time and money. We carefully research ours and make sure they will benefit us in the ways we need them to.

3 reasons why we chose Filters Direct USA Air Filter Subscription

Saves Money

Saving money is something that most people can get excited about. We use a high quality HVAC filter because we have two cats, a dog, and now a newborn. Good air quality is important in our home. In the past we have always paid the price to make sure we had quality filters. Everytime we went to the store to buy an air filter we were spending at least $20. Then sometimes the price would just randomly increase. With Filters Direct USA, we know our air filters will be the same price every time they come to our front door no matter the size.

Saves Time

Their delivery subscription service is by far the most important to us since becoming first time parents two weeks ago. Time is even more valuable than it ever has been since our little one came into the world. In the past we would have to go to the store and find our size and hope the store had had the one we needed. Let’s be real…even without the covid pinch and supply chain issues. It can be frustrating when the filter you need isn’t available when you go to the store. With our “Filters Direct Subscription” we have it set up to deliver the two filters we need every two months.

This is our reminder to switch them out and not stress that our filters are not being changed regularly. We used to be really bad about remembering to replace our air filter regularly.  Does everyone have that problem? We tried to write down the date on each filter so we knew when we installed that filter. But, with our busy schedules and days that fly by, we never remembered to change them when they were due.  If you wait too long to change the air filter, it gets all clogged and doesn’t work as well.  That makes your HVAC system work even harder and could cause issues long term.


It can be hard in our modern day world to be earth friendly. We continue to move more and more towards single use, disposable everything and use whatever product is easiest. A lot of times I feel like if it is a choice between being earth friendly and what’s easiest. The easy route is usually the path taken more times than not.

Filters Direct USA has come up with one of the most clever filter designs I have ever seen. In your first subscription you will receive what I call the “exoskeleton” and your filter inserts. When your next filters show up you will receive only the interior portion filter insert. This cuts down on the amount of waste that is created with traditional filters. Think of the paper exoskeleton, filter material, and metal cage that is traditionally found in home air filters. All of that goes right to the landfill.  Using the Filters Direct USA subscription, the filter insert material is the only portion that goes to the landfill. 

Filters Direct USA really has thought of everything. Not only do they beat quality store filter prices. They offer you the convenience of doorstep delivery on a schedule. So you don’t need to worry about remembering to purchase or change your filter. Oh and last but not least their filter inserts are Anti-Microbial! Those are just a few more reasons why we choose them as the Best Home Air Filter Subscription.

I could seriously go on and on about how much we love this subscription. But, I would rather hear from you and what you think of their product and your experience. Filters Direct USA gave me a code for you to use to get 25% off your first order.  The code is:  COZY25. Type that in before you check out to save 25%.  

I would love to hear your comments below on how you love the Best Home Air Filter Subscription or what would be the biggest advantage of it for you!!!

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  1. Linda B says:

    We are home renovators and a house flip couple that usually take care of all home repairs and maintenance. We signed up for the filters USA service and absolutely love it. You were right! This service is very efficient and saves us money every month. Thanks for posting this

    • Bryanna La Londe says:

      This is amazing! I am so glad you love the service also!!! Cheers to saving money and time!!!! Thanks for the feedback!!!

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