August 28, 2023

How to Search Marketplace Like A Pro

Full Disclosure Warning: Learning How to Search Marketplace Like A Pro can be addicting once you have cracked the Marketplace search code. These are my foolproof tips that help me find what I am looking for over and over again. Now, sometimes you have to be patient and give it some time before you find what you want. Implementing these tips will help make searching for you easier and also make sure the algorhythm sends you all the things you are looking for!

How to find things on Marketplace?

Marketplace can be an amazing place for all kinds of DIY project finds. The one big question I get asked all the time is…how do you even find these things? There is a lot of luck and timing when it comes to great finds on Marketplace. But, there is also some skill involved with searches. I am no expert but I have found my fair share of cool project pieces and deals. I am going to use wooden desks you can turn into nightstands as our search focus for this blog. Let’s learn to find a desk with these three game changing tips!

The old wood desk I found on Marketplace and actually turned into nightstands!

Tip #1

First thing you need to know about Marketplace is the more you search for something the more of that thing it shows to you. So, if you are looking for Wood Desks. Search for that same category for a couple days until you find what you are looking for. Each time you search use different variations like Old Wood Desks/Vintage Wood Desks/Solid Wood Desks. This will tell the Marketplace algorithm what you are looking for depending on peoples titles and descriptions of their item.

Tip #2

Second thing to know about Marketplace. The more you click on actual listings the more it learns what you want. Now that you are searching items and also clicking what catches your eye. The algorithm is really learning what you like from your search and what is being shown to you. The hunt is what it’s all about, keep searching. Don’t give up just yet…

Tip #3

Third thing to know about Marketplace, that Save button. Now that you have been not only searching for Wooden desks and you are clicking the ones that catch your eye. Next, you need to reassure Marketplace of the exact things that it is sending you, you want to continue to see those even more. This is where you want to click that save button on your favorite desk finds. Not only is it saved for you to find again if you are interested another day. You will also be notified when prices drop on that exact item. Now Marketplace is really learning what you like by using that save button on top of searches and listing clicks.

These are the three things I always do when looking for something specific. Be patient with what you are looking for, you will find it! I sure hope this helps you in your searching journey!

How to know which desk to choose?

Ok, now you ask how do you actually pick one that will work to turn into nightstands? I gathered these Desk pictures from FB Marketplace real listings. These are ones I see often that will work. The most important thing when choosing a desk to turn into nightstands… That each side of the desk has 4 legs or a solid base that can stand alone without falling over. I put 12 example desks below so you can feel confident in searching Marketplace for your project desk to turn into nightstands also.

If I have convinced you to turn a desk into nightstands my job is done here. Here is the blog I wrote on “How to turn a desk into Nightstands” step by step. I can’t wait to see what you do! Now go and create something that is uniquely yours!!!

As always, we love hearing from you and your experience with “How to Search Marketplace Like a Pro” helped you! If you want to know “How to turn a desk into Nightstands” we have a blog showing you step by step how we did it!!!! Head over to our social channels anytime where you can find videos of us making all kinds of things for our home!

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    Will these tips work for all items on marketplace?

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