DIY Wood Baby Hand and Footprint Ornaments

These DIY unbreakable wood baby hand and footprint ornaments are a delightful way to preserve precious memories and create timeless holiday decorations. This easy-to-follow tutorial will walk you through the steps of crafting beautiful wooden ornaments featuring your little one’s hand and footprints. I mean, who wouldn’t love an ornament that is unbreakable even being handled by the teeniest hands.

Discover the magic of creating the best baby ornament with this simple and heartwarming DIY project. Perfect for any age, these wooden ornaments not only capture the essence of childhood but also ensure durability, making them safe for little hands to handle each year. With just a few materials and a touch of creativity, you can make ornaments that will be cherished for a lifetime.

Prep instructions for your DIY wood baby hand and footprint ornaments:

Start by preparing your wood ball ornaments, ensuring a smooth surface with 220 or 300 grit sanding sponges. Make sure to clean off all the dust before painting. This can be best done by using a tack cloth which is made for removing dust after sanding.

Choosing your base look:

Choose between paint or stain for your base look. We chose MinWax Stain Driftwood Color for our ornament(I use this stain color throughout my home). If you choose to paint a solid color, spray paint will give you a flawless even finish. Stain is a great option for a more rustic look. Get creative and make this ornament fit the look you like best.

Capturing hand & footprints:

Capture your little one’s hand and footprints using non-toxic paint or mess free ink-less stamp pads for a mess-free and authentic look. Use one ornament for the hand prints and the other ornament for the footprints. Before moving onto personalizing your ornament…this is what I would do differently next time. The paint pen bled on the wood (pictured below) and I was not expecting that. I would put two coats of sealer on once the hand and foot prints were dry, before I wrote out the name and year.

DIY wood baby hand and footprint ornaments

Personalizing your ornament:

Personalize each ornament by adding your baby’s name and the memorable year. This can be best achieved using paint pens. Let dry completely before you move onto your final two sealing coats for your ornaments.

Sealing and Final Touches: Ensure the longevity of your creations by following simple sealing steps. Opt for a spray sealer (Polcrylic Waterbased Spray is what we always use) for a quick, even finish. You’ll want to apply two coats minimum and allow them to dry overnight. Once sealed, your DIY wood baby ornaments are ready to adorn your tree! They’ll become a treasured part of your holiday tradition for years to come.

Full shopping list link for these DIY wood baby hand and footprint ornaments:

The full supplies shopping list to complete these ornaments!

DIY wood baby hand and footprint ornaments

As always we love when you share your experience with the “DIY unbreakable wood baby hand and footprint ornaments” in our comments below. Explore more seasonal crafts on our website and find more inspiration for creating beautiful DIY projects for your home. Craft, share, and enjoy the joy of handmade memories this holiday season!

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