Scent Sticks DIY Tutorial: Create Your Own Custom Home Fragrance Decor

Make your own Scent Sticks Decor!

Have you ever seen those cute little bottles filled with oil and tiny wood sticks sticking out the top? They are so so so dang cute and make small spaces smell so good! But, the only issue is you find them available in stores so sporadically. They also usually only come in certain scents…

Well, what if I told you that you can not only have those cute little Scent Sticks Decor, but also have it smell and look perfect for you and your space. Are you in?

We are going to make them ourselves for even cheaper than you can buy the kits in the store or online. Let’s make some Scent Sticks that fit your smell preference, home and budget!

How To Make Your Own Scent Sticks Decor

Step 1: Find the perfect bottle first…

There are two ways you can go when it comes to finding a cute little vase/bottle…

Option 1: Go to your favorite store like Hobby Lobby, Target or Walmart and see what they have. The nice thing about going this route is you will find something new with no imperfections. It will also be easy to find one that is currently in style with decorating trends. Keep in mind they will be on the pricier end.

Option 2: Hit up your local thrift stores in your area. I love this route because they are going to be so much cheaper than your everyday stores. You are also going to end up with something pretty unique and possibly a vintage vase/bottle.

Tender Hearts Thrift Store in Rock Hill, SC

PRO TIP: My favorite second hand stores are always local ones first. Google in your area some local second hand stores! You will be amazed what these places have. I feel like they are always overlooked by the majority.

Pick a fun vase or two that just speaks to you. Don’t think too much about it. If you are struggling between a couple choices, buy a few since they should only be a couple bucks each. Take them home and let your space help you decide which one fits best! 

Happy Thrift Hunting!

Step 2: Pick your perfect oil scent…

I am not even going to lie and just tell you finding these in the store is hard. Not only are the options limited, but the scents available in stores are even smaller to choose from.

Amazon is where I have had the most luck with finding a huge variety of oil scents. Not only that but we all know their shipping is so fast!

Here is a shopping list of a few oil scents I found based on reviews and cost to get you started in your search!

Step 3: Pick your wood reeds

The small little cute sticks you see poking out of the scent vases are called wood reeds. They can come in many different colors. Pick a color that will fit your room best.

Here is a shopping list of wood reeds I found to get you started in your search!

What are you waiting for? It really is that simple!

Once you have all your supplies. Make sure your vase/bottle is clean. Fill with your favorite oil scent halfway. Put your wood reeds in the oil.

You made your very first scent sticks! The best part…you should have plenty of leftover oil and reeds for a refill when needed!

I can’t wait to see what you create!


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