Baby Proof your Home

Learning how to baby proof your home as a first time mom is no joke. I am here to take the stress away from you and share with you everything we did to make our home safe for our little lady. Hopefully this will make life a little easier on you. One less thing for you to worry about with our list of baby proof home safety items.

My First job was working at a daycare for 4 years. I worked as a nanny and babysitter on and off through college. My last job before becoming a blogger I worked at Arnold Palmer Children’s Hospital. I have seen the use of safety items in many kids settings over the years.

The worst part is, I have also seen the bad end when safety doesn’t happen in a home working at the hospital. Accidents happen and you can’t protect kids from everything. But, you sure can do your best and set your home up for success. So, let me show you what we did to baby proof our home!

Kitchen Appliances


Windows, Interior & Exterior Doors


Cabinets & Drawers

Miscellaneous Safety


We really love being able to share what worked for us when it came to keeping our little one safe in our home! Do you ever feel like they are growing and learning so fast and it feels hard to keep up? Hopefully we made one thing a little easier for you in sharing the baby proof your home tools we found helpful in our home on a daily basis.

As always, we love hearing from you and your experience with “Baby Proof Your Home” and how it helped you! Go check out our other Lifestyle and DIY Projects we are working on daily to improve our home. Head over to our social channels anytime where you can find videos of us making all kinds of things for our home!

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