31 Gifts for Cat Lovers

I am here with the Best 31 Gifts for Cat Lovers you can’t go wrong with! I sourced from your favorite stores so you don’t have to. The best beds, play structures, small toys and the Best Litter Box “The Litter Robot” that is on the market. If I could go back in time and buy things that made our cats and our lives better it would be things from this list! The Litter Robot would have been an investment I would not have thought twice about back then knowing what we know now.

Litter Robot 4 Connect

We got our first Self Cleaning Litter Box the Litter Robot just before I got pregnant with our daughter at the end of 2021. Trying to conceive we knew that I would not be able to scoop the litter box at all. I wanted to make sure it stayed kept up and a smart litter box was the answer. It’s been almost two years since we bought the best self cleaning litter box.

Recently we decided it was time for an upgrade. Why, though since our Litter Robot was working just fine still? Being a busy new mom and having the “mom brain”. I would forget to empty the bottom drawer all the time. This is where the old litter goes when it scoops it automatically. Once the tray is full it doesn’t automatically scoop anymore until it gets emptied. I found out that the new Litter Robot 4 had an app that sends you notifications when full. It was a no brainer we needed the app access.

I can say it is the same amazing self cleaning litter box as our first one but a million times better. Once the bottom drawer is full. I get a notification and go pull out the bag and replace it with a new one. Slide the drawer back in and it is ready to go again! I think we pull the drawer bag once or twice a week. Depending on how much the cats use it. The litter level varies and we add more when needed. Then our litter chores are all done for the week in under 5 minutes. Knowing my experience in this pain point. I want to make sure you know

Play Toys

Catnip Toys

Laser, Light & Remote Toys

Non-Battery Toys


Beds & Hideouts

Climbers & Scratchers

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