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This blog is for all of my pet lovers, owners, and those of you who are considering getting a pet in the future. The hardest things about pets can be maintaining their hair and the mess it can make in your home. I grew up with pets around and continue to have them in my home as an adult. Honestly, I really don’t know if I could ever live without pets in my home. But, one thing I could live without is the mess that comes along with them. So, I have discovered these pet friendly curtains. You’re not gonna believe what fabric they are made from.

The mess our dog, Daisy, brings in from outside and the litter the cats track out from the laundry room is enough to drive me crazy. We found an easy fix for the floors and that is a robot vacuum that runs everyday at 11am. This little tool has been a game changer in helping us keep up with what the furbabes track through the house. It does help with the animal hair that ends up on the ground. But, the curtains are a different story when it comes to animal hair. I swear they are like magnets and hold all the animal hair.

I started doing some digging to find fabrics that are pet friendly. We have a few leather things in the house because the hair will not stick to it. But, the leather does show the nail marks from our dog and cats. Leather is my favorite because I know when I sit down I won’t be covered in animal hair every time. Brent is not the biggest fan of leather furniture so our sectional is a woven fabric. Compromise is what it is all about when it comes to having pets in the home. 

For years I have compromised to save money and used drop cloths as window curtains. They are inexpensive to replace if the cats decide to destroy them. Well, not anymore. No more not being able to have beautiful curtains because of the cost or the cats and their hair. The drop cloth curtains are great but they are animal hair magnets. I finally learned that there is one kind of fabric out there that is great for animal hair. Velvet is the fabric, I love that it is so cozy and luxurious. It comes in tons of color choices. Velvet is great for animal hair because it isn’t a woven fabric where the hairs can imbed themselves into the weave of the fabric. No matter how hard you try to clean them you just won’t ever get all the hair out of woven fabrics. With the Velvet Fabric the hair just wipes right off and wont weave itself into the fabric.

We have been transitioning the curtains in our home to velvet ones. The only issue I had at first with this is the cost of velvet curtains. They are definitely on the spendier end of curtains especially if you need long ones like we do for our 9’ ceilings. I did some digging and figured there had to be a budget friendly option somewhere. I found one and it will shock you – Amazon Velvet Curtains. The reviews were amazing for the ones I found. I ordered them immediately. They are for sale always in the $60-$70 range per pair. But, they often go on sale for around $50 a pair and that is when I will snag some. Yes, I said for the pair. Because, anyone who has been curtain shopping and been shell shocked by the cost and then it reads only “1 panel”. I have been there too and thought the same thing, craziness.

That price I mentioned above is for the 108” long panels. The shorter panels are less expensive and whatever size you will need to fit your windows. They also come in so many different color options. We have used the dark gray color in our home so far. But, I am dying to have a reason/space where I need a different color. 

I put links below of the grey curtains we have and also another link with the other size and color options. If you end up getting these curtains I would love to hear your feedback on what you thought of them in the comments below!!!! Also, if you have family and friends that are struggling with this issue, please do them a favor and send them this blog to help them find Pet Friendly Curtains for their home also!

Velvet Curtain List

Grey Velvet Curtains in Our Home Currently

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