large grid accent wall master bedroom makeover

Easy DIY Large Grid Accent Wall Makeover Tutorial

I love the scale of this large grid accent wall. My preference is definitely to go with something larger in scale vs. smaller. It will give you a cleaner simpler look. Too many squares on the wall in a small space like this would have been too busy in my opinion. The scale of these large squares were perfect and helped elevate the space, cozy it up a bit without making it too busy!

Choosing an accent wall design can be difficult. My one bit of advice is to choose your color first. Color can change a wall and space completely. Typically we are always more dead set on a color choice vs. an accent wall design choice. Choose your color first and then start exploring wall designs.

large grid accent wall




The paint color we used in this room is Special Delivery by Valspar. It is a really nice pale blue with a bit og grey in it. These were 8′ ceilings and we ended up doing about a 4’x4′ square pattern. It wasn’t exactly 4′ squares because we divided the room width and height to find our exact square size. We wanted to make sure all the squares were an equal size for a good balance.

Here are the links for the pieces you see in this room to help you achieve the same look! Some of the exact pieces are no longer available. I found very similar pieces to the ones that are no longer available. I also put in some slightly different pieces that still go with this aesthetic.

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  1. Patty says:

    Love it! That grid really makes the back wall taller I think I’m going to have to ask it if we can do it in our room.

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