Easy One Day Backsplash Install

I want to start with the fact that we have tiled backsplashes and showers using thinset many times before this route. We were a bit skeptical ourselves and wanted to see what the fuss was about with the Mussel Bound tile install product. I was not even halfway through my pregnancy and my morning sickness had turned out to be 18 weeks of all day sickness. I really wanted an easy, low mess way of tackling our laundry room backsplash. At the time, I wasn’t tolerant of a lot of movement and long periods of standing without getting nauseous.

The Mussel Bound really did impress us with its easy to use install and no messy clean up. It unrolled and stuck to the wall and we were off and ready to start placing tile pieces. I will say though there are some key factors in making sure your install goes as planned and the longevity of the product is maintained. The instructions on the packaging were very easy to follow. Follow those down to the detail and your projects will go smoothly. 

I was not expecting as part of the installation was to make sure the tiles are 100% dry before you stick them to the Mussel Bound . When doing a typical tile installation using thinset, it is wet and the tiles will also be wet and that’s ok for the install. Make sure to follow the instructions when it comes to making sure every tile is 100% dry before install. We used a wet saw to cut our tiles. So, we dried them with a hair dryer. We chose to use a hair dryer to help speed up the process of drying the tiles. 

As for supplies for this project, there really is not a lot you need. You will need a wet or dry way of cutting your tiles. Below I will link some options that we have used in the past. I will list all the supplies we used to make this project happen from start to finish. 

I would say this is a beginner friendly project when using the Mussel Bound. When it comes to laying tile the traditional way with thinset and having to back butter tiles. It can get complicated and messy really fast. I think that is my favorite part about discovering Mussel Bound. This has now become a beginner DIY project because of one amazing product! I will share our photos and the step by step instructions we followed to make this project happen!

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