DIY Plywood Cabinet Doors: Beginner-Friendly Tutorial

Have you ever wanted to make cabinet doors before, but realized how many tools and skills it takes to accomplish this?

Don’t stress anymore. I have found the perfect cabinet doors for any beginner to tackle successfully! 

These doors can be made in one weekend and with very few tools and supplies. Not to mention they look amazing whether you choose to paint or stain them!

Let’s get to making some Easy Beginner Plywood Cabinet Doors!

Supplies Needed for Plywood Cabinet Doors:

These supplies should all be fairly easy to find at your local hardware store or in the links I provided above. 

PRO TIP: You don’t need an Edgeband trimmer but it will save you a ton of sanding time. I recommend getting it to save you time.

Any iron will work really for the edge banding. The nice thing about the mini one is it will save you burning your fingers a million times. Don’t ask me how I know that 🤣🫣

Tools needed for Plywood Cabinet Doors:

All supplies are readily available at major retailers like Lowe’s and Home Depot, including the hinges and hardware.

How to make Plywood Cabinet Doors:

  1. Measure and cut your plywood sheets to the desired door sizes.
  2. Sand all cut door pieces to smooth the edges.
  3. Apply edge banding to exposed plywood edges with mini iron and trim if necessary.
  4. Sand edges of doors to ensure flushness.
  5. Clean doors thoroughly with a tack cloth to remove dust.
  6. Stain or Prime the doors according to your preference.
  7. Lightly sand with 220 grit before Sealing or Painting.
  8. Apply a Sealer (2-3 coats) or Paint (2 coats) to achieve the final look.
  9. Drill hinge holes with jig on the door insides for installation.
  10. Attach hinges to the doors.
  11. Install the doors onto the cabinets.
  12. Admire your beautifully crafted, handmade doors!

Out of all the doors I have made. These have to be by far the easiest and that is why I love making them and wanted to share them with you!

They require the least amount of tools IMO and still give you a stunning modern and streamlined look!

PRO TIP: There are two ways to cut your doors to size depending what tools you have access to. 

  1. Table Saw: Cut your door widths to size on your table saw first. Then use your miter saw to cut the lengths of each door.
  2. Kreg Rip-Cut Jig: Use this jig to cut the doors width wise first. Then use your miter saw to cut the lengths.

Before you go, I just have to say this…

Not a lot of people can say they have conquered building their very own cabinet doors. Give yourself a huge pat on the back! This is not an easy task and you crushed it!

If you want to know how to make cabinets please check out our “How to build cabinets” post. This is a great resource to pair with these Easy Plywood Cabinet Doors.

You do not have to build new cabinets to utilize these Easy Plywood Doors. You can replace your old existing cabinet doors you don’t love anymore with these doors as an option as well!

If or when you do this build, I’d love for you to tag us on Instagram so I can see what you create! 


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