DIY Christmas Tree Mantle Decor

DIY Christmas Tree Mantel Holiday Decor

This Christmas tree mantel holiday decor is super easy and you can do it however you want! I went with a more neutral option, but the limits are endless with this one. You can paint the trees green and do the base to look like the ground or white like snow. This DIY can be super customized to your decor and style!

Christmas Tree Mantel Decor

For this fun Christmas DIY, you’ll want to grab a couple of styles and sizes of little wooden trees. The trees can be painted or not, depending on your preference and then simply glue them to a 2×4 or any piece of scrap wood. Ideally, you’ll want a piece of wood that is long and narrow. The rest is up to you! You can weave in some little twinkle lights to finish it off and give it a little glow!

For our DIY Christmas tree mantel holiday decor, you’ll need:

A variety of wooden trees, we used both of these options from Michael’s:

Then you’ll want to grab a 2×4 or a scrap piece of wood you have lying around!

You’ll also need these items to help you decorate the trees:

We put ours on the mantel underneath the television in our living room. It’s a great decor idea if you don’t have enough space between your mantel and television to go crazy with large decoration pieces! Or if you’re like me and want the look of a couple of pieces on your mantel. However, this decor piece can go anywhere! It would be cute as a centerpiece on a dining room table or kitchen island. That’s the beautiful thing with DIY pieces. It’s all about where you dream it!

Christmas Tree Mantel Decor

Also, peep my faux brass nutcrackers around the mantel too! Those were a super easy DIY featured on the blog without the $150 price tag from Arhaus. Check out how to do them

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