easy beginner homemade bread

Easy Beginner 4 Ingredient Homemade Bread

I feel like “making bread” is one of those things that everyone thinks is going to take a lot of work and time. Is the reason we don’t make fresh bread because we ask ourselves, “Is it really worth the time spent?”, and talk ourselves out of it before we even get started. At Least this is what kept me from making bread for so many years. I thought I needed to knead dough forever and have a bread machine to make good bread. Little did I know, I could make an Easy Beginner 4 Ingredient Homemade Bread with only 10 minutes of my time and very little work. 

Why did we start making our own bread?

The thing that started my snowball of thoughts to figure out how to make bread easily was . . . learning that grocery store bread in the U.S. has so many unhealthy additives. We are always trying to find ways to minimize the amount of processed things we eat so, I started digging around for recipes and information on how to make bread. I found out that you really only need 4 ingredients and a loaf pan to make bread. 

This bread recipe really is the easiest one you may ever come across. It’s one of those recipes where you spend 5 minutes combining ingredients and then forget it for a while. So you can go do other things you need to get done while the bread is rising. Since this recipe makes two loaves. Brent and I cannot always eat it fast enough before it starts molding. I will freeze one of the loaves to eat at a later date. Store bought bread has a lot of added preservative ingredients that keeps its shelf life that we don’t want to ingest. Our bread only has the 4 natural ingredients that make it healthy to eat. Bread loaves made using this recipe stay good for a week or two depending on time of year and moisture content in your home.

The one thing we didn’t have in the beginning that I wish we had is a bread slicer. If homemade bread is something you will be making regularly. I would recommend investing in a bread slicer. This will make life so much easier when it comes to cutting uniform slices of bread for sandwiches or whatever you are eating it with. 

How to make

This recipe only needs 4 ingredients; flour, salt, active dry yeast, and warm water. First, put 6 cups of flour in a large mixing bowl. On one side of the bowl add your 2 tsp salt and on the other side of the bowl add 1 tsp. of active dry yeast. Add 3.5 cups of warm water and combine until mixed well and sticky. Cover the mixing bowl with saran wrap and let the dough rise overnight for 8-12 hours in a cold oven. The dough should quadruple in size by the morning.

Dump the dough out onto a floured countertop and then also flour the top of the dough. The dough will still be sticky at this point. Work the dough until it is no longer sticky with a bread spatula. Cut it into two equal parts. Grease two bread loaf pans and put the dough into each. Cover with a lid or aluminum foil if you don’t have a lid. Put the dough into a cold oven (do not preheat) and bake covered for 30 minutes. Remove lids and bake another 30 minutes uncovered at 450’. I love these bread loaf pans that come with lids but you can also just use aluminum foil to cover if you don’t have anything with a lid. We have also used my small 5 qt. dutch oven and covered casserole dish to bake the bread before and it was perfect! Here is an inexpensive bread slicer I found on amazon that has a lot of amazing reviews!

I hope you love this Easy Beginner 4 Ingredient Homemade Bread Recipe!

Easy Beginner 4 Ingredient Homemade Bread

As always, I love hearing from you and your experience with making our recipes! Leave a comment below letting me know what you thought of making the bread! You can also head over to my social channels where you can find videos of me making all kinds of things for our home!

Recipe Card (Printable below)

Easy Beginner 4 Ingredient Homemade Bread

Recipe by Bryanna La LondeCourse: Recipes u0026amp; Drinks


Prep time


Cooking time






  • 6 cups all-purpose flour

  • 2 tsp. salt

  • 1 tsp. dry active yeast

  • 3.5 cups warm water


  • Grab a large mixing bowl and put your flour into the bowl.
  • On one side of the bowl add the salt and the other side add the yeast.
  • Add warm water and mix until fully combined and it has a sticky consistency.
  • Cover and let rise for 8-12 hours overnight in a cold oven. It should quadruple in size.
  • Flour your surface and then dump out of the bowl. Then flour the top of your dough. Use a dough spatula folding the dough on itself until no longer sticky.
  • Grease your baking pans.
  • Split into two equal parts into bread pans.
  • Place into a cold oven(do not preheat) covered and bake at 450′ for 30 minutes. Remove cover and bake another 30 minutes until golden brown.
  • Take out of the oven and let it rest for 1 hr before cutting and serving.


  • This bread recipe is good for any skill level bread maker.
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  1. Brent A Beumel says:

    This bread is my favorite

  2. Regina Hammond says:

    Hi, it’s Aunt Gina, I want to try this bread. I never heard of a covered bread pan. Am I reading the recipe wrong? Love you, all three🥰

    • Bryanna La Londe says:

      Love you Aunt Gina! I use a Dutch oven or any baking dish that has a lid! Let us know how you like it!!!

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