Hey there! I’m Bryanna Jae.

A homebody that can’t get enough of making my house a home with every DIY project! You can find me snuggling with our furbabes, baking cookies, working in the garage on a project or hiking some awesome trails here in the Carolinas.

Build a Cozy Home

I believe half the fun of making your home yours is doing it yourself. There is nothing more rewarding than tackling that DIY project you’ve been dreaming of and getting to enjoy the end result. Here at BACH Home you can guarantee we are here to help you feel confident in taking those steps to do those projects. A home isn’t a home truly until it’s cozy and feels the way you want it to!

I used to work in Pediatric Rehabilitation. 

Fun Facts

I am from Miami, FL.

I’ve hiked an active Volcano in Washington State, Mt. St. Helens.

I went skydiving with my 80 year old grandmother and we both survived unscathed. It’s one of my greatest core memories to this day.

Brent is a Firefighter.

Work With Me

We offer a hands-on help approach digitally/IRL room design and
locally based accent wall install. We also work with brands to
feature brands we love working with.

Let's Get Connected!

Honor the vision. Trust the Process